10 Must-Read Children’s Books Released in June 2024

As the sun blazes down and heats up the summer vibes, June arrives bearing not just warm weather but also a delightful selection of brand-new children's books. It's an exciting time for kids as schools are out, pools are open, and endless adventures await in the pages of these captivating releases. Below, we explore ten of the best new children's books debuting in June 2024, which promise to keep young readers enthralled all summer long.

June Picture Book Releases

Soul Step by Jewell Parker Rhodes & Kelly McWilliams

Release Date: June 4, 2024

In "Soul Step," Jewell Parker Rhodes and Kelly McWilliams weave a beautiful tale celebrating steppin’, Black sisterhood, and the mother-daughter bond. The story centers on a young Black girl and her mother living in a predominantly white neighborhood. The narrative excels in showcasing how they use steppin’ as a means to feel strong, happy, and part of a vibrant community. The book's back matter offers intriguing insights about the history and practice of steppin'. This book is a joyful celebration sure to empower and uplift its readers.

More Magical Summer Reads

June’s lineup of children’s books is truly something to behold. Whether your young reader is interested in picture books about the art of steppin’, tales of horseback riding adventures, or stories that navigate the emotional landscape of the school experience, there’s something for everyone. For those interested in middle-grade novels, the themes of immigration, making new friends, attending magical schools, and navigating foster care stand out.

One standout in this diverse array is a book that delves into the nuances of school life—from reveling in the magic of school buses and school lunches to navigating the tumultuous emotions of the first week of school.

Themes That Resonate

This summer’s children’s book releases are rich in themes that are both relevant and resonant. Stories about stepping out of one's comfort zone, finding new friends in unexpected places, and the magic that can be found in everyday life are abundant.

Another standout story addresses the challenges of immigration. Through enchanting narratives, these books create a space for young readers to explore complex themes in an accessible manner. Whether through the lens of a magical school setting or the realistic portrayal of foster care, the summer releases of 2024 do a spectacular job of blending entertainment with meaningful life lessons.

Steppin’ into the Spotlight

One of the highlighted June releases, "Soul Step," focuses on the rich cultural heritage of steppin'. This book is a homage to the tradition, as well as a tribute to Black sisterhood. It sheds light on the power of community and how traditions can bring people together, offering a strong sense of belonging and identity.

"Stomp, clap, flip, flap, go hard, snap back!" - Soul Step

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Expanding Your Bookshelf

As summer continues to heat up, it's an excellent time to refresh your child’s bookshelf with these new releases. Whether your child loves whimsical tales filled with magic or stories grounded in reality that tackle significant issues like immigration and foster care, this summer's selection is varied and noteworthy.

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Enhance Your Reading Experience

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June 08, 2024 — Kristin James