Book Riot’s Best Book Deals for May 31, 2024

Have you been itching to add some thrilling reads to your bookshelf without busting your budget? Look no further. We've gathered the hottest book deals from Book Riot that will satisfy your literary cravings for a fraction of the price. Today’s deals include an array of gripping titles from different genres.

Top Deals of the Day

Let's dive into today's irresistible deals:

"Ever the Hunted" by Erin Summerill

The first treat on our list is "Ever the Hunted" by Erin Summerill, available for just $1.99. This fantasy novel will transport you into a world brimming with magic and mystery. A must-read for fans of adventure-laden stories and enchanting plots. Get it while this deal lasts! If you've already embarked on this magical journey, you might want to explore more fantastic reads here.

"The Daughters of Izdihar" by Hadeer Elsbai

Next up, we have "The Daughters of Izdihar" by Hadeer Elsbai, also available for the unbeatable price of $1.99. Dive into a spellbinding tale set in a land where culture and magic collide. This captivating read is perfect for those who enjoy stories rich in lore and cultural depth. Don’t miss out on this dream deal.

"Vampires of El Norte" by Isabel Cañas

Rounding out our selection is "Vampires of El Norte" by Isabel Cañas, currently available for $2.99. This gripping blend of historical fiction and supernatural elements promises an engaging experience you won't be able to put down. For fans of historical narratives and vampire lore, this one is a no-brainer.

Explore More Deals

If these selections have piqued your interest, be sure to check out the complete list of Book Riot's deals here. You’ll find an array of discounted books to suit every taste and preference. This limited-time offer gives you the perfect excuse to expand your collection.
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June 03, 2024 — Kristin James