Unmissable New Book Releases: May 28, 2024

Looking for the freshest titles to add to your reading list? This May 28, 2024, marks an exhilarating day for bibliophiles with a dazzling array of new books across genres, ensuring that everyone finds their next great read. Whether you're into heart-wrenching memoirs, tantalizing mysteries, or whimsical fantastical tales, the upcoming releases are sure to excite.

Tracking Your Reading Journey

Before we delve into the best new book releases, have you ever wondered how to keep track of your reading and manage your ever-growing TBR pile? One of our editors, Arvyn Cerézo, has compared five fantastic book tracking apps to help streamline your literary life.

Diving Into Nonfiction Gems

For those who appreciate the truth over fiction, there are some gripping nonfiction titles hitting the shelves. Shawn Cohen's College Girl, Missing offers a poignant true crime narrative about a young woman who vanished into thin air. Meanwhile, Noé Álvarez's Accordion Eulogies unravels a moving tale of music, migration, and Mexican heritage. Lastly, K.B. Brookins' memoir, Pretty, dives into a deep personal journey sure to resonate with many readers.

Fantasy Flourish and Fantastic Tales

If you prefer to escape reality, you’ll be thrilled to discover a wealth of fantasy offerings. Sally Wen Mao debuts with a stunning story collection titled Ninetails: Nine Tales. This collection promises to sweep readers into otherworldly adventures rooted in rich folklore. Additionally, Nicholas DeShaw’s charming picture book Loaf the Cat Goes To The Powwow, illustrated by Tara Audibert, is a delightful journey through cultural traditions with an adorable feline protagonist.

Masterpieces to Anticipate

Setting the stage for what might become your next favorite book, the forthcoming releases span an irresistible mix of genres. From psychic mediums evading demonic adversaries, to the historic struggles and triumphs of queer women, to accounts of everyday magic in the 1600s, the May 28th offerings promise a kaleidoscope of tales that will captivate readers everywhere.

"There's something incredibly charming about holding a book that promises new worlds, truths, and adventures, waiting patiently to be read." — Erica Ezeifedi

Discover and Connect

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May 29, 2024 — Kristin James